Optimal Learning

Client Testimonials

Benita Ramsey, Executive Director - Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance

During the COVID isolation, our niece lost her passion and fire for learning.  She became disillusioned, her grades and her confidence suffered.  In stepped, Optimal Learning. Both Mrs. Robertson and Mrs. Lagunas took interest in her journey. They encouraged her, identified her strengths and areas for growth. Together her spirit and drive reemerged. She saw improvement in both her reading and math skills. Optimal Learning is not a tutoring service, it is a full-service academic strategy that meets the student where they are and they challenge them to reach their potential. 

Mah Mar

I was incredibly fortunate to have found them. My grandkid was struggling academically, particularly in English and that's when I decided to take him to Optimal Learning for some extra support. The teachers at Optimal Learning are nothing short of miraculous! Within just a few months, I witnessed a remarkable transformation in my grandkid's performance. What sets these teachers apart is their unwavering punctuality, responsibility, and attentiveness to their students' needs. They genuinely listen to your goals and make every effort to cater to them. Their dedication and commitment to their students' success are truly commendable. 


If your student needs assistance in math or ELA @optimal.learning.inc. is the place for you! I have seen their data and results first hand. #theseladiesaretwoofthebestinmathandela

Tameka Butler

We are truly thankful!

Dawana Smith, Cosmetologist, Exotic Herbals

This week was my boys first week in afterschool tutoring.  I'll pay whatever to help them succeed!!!  They are affordable with group and one-to-one sessions.  I am utilizing both programs rwice a week and my boys LOVE IT!  If you kids need extra help with lessons or homework (busy mom like me). Register today!